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Rankings within The Council

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Rankings within The Council Empty Rankings within The Council

Post  Clout on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:15 am

Head of Intelligence - this will cover things such as information on other alliances, their history, their leaders/hierarchy structure, their rankings and planet positions. Anything that has to do with intel on other alliances. It will also handle keeping the alliance up to date with strategic trends, such as alerting the alliance to things such as moon/phalanx locations or first RIP's being created.

Head of Foreign Affairs - basically the position of diplomat, dingo Im going to switch you over to a council member who is head of foreign affairs if that is ok with you?

Head of Internal Management (Affairs) - (Idk if I like this name, just came up with it on the spot but I had banfa in mind so you can pick a different name banfa if you like it) - This would be a position where the head player makes sure that all current members are fufilling their duties as a member of the alliance. This would include tracking players progress, making sure everyone posts, making sure circ rules are followed and handling any disagreements between current members

Head of Recruiting - This would include recruiting obviously and just making sure that the recruiters working under you are doing a decent job

General - Is in charge of tracking certain players log in and log out times as well as running acs attacks against those players. Compiles a list of suitable targets that would be good for the alliance to attack and then coordinate said attacks when said target is not online

Council Scribe - The Duties of the Council Scribe include, Calling for a finalization of a vote within the council, Keeping the subject of debate on topic, Making sure that a Veto by the minister is respected. Duties also include, with the exception of Unanimous Consent, Providing all council members with a chance to debate their side of a vote, and allowing members a chance to change their vote before the finalization of said vote.

Duties also include archiving and recording which council members voted for or against which topics as well as judging the strength and commitment of said arguements.

All council members with a certain title/responsibility are still members of the council and vote on administrative decisions and all council members do not need to have a certain position, they can simply be a normal council member

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